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| Amman—Petra—Wadi Rum Overnight—the Dead Sea
With a seminar led by Dr. John Swanson of the American University in Cairo

Enjoy Jordan’s rich past & present with our expert-led trip & cultural activities


Journey across thousands of years of history from Biblical sites to Greek and Roman outposts. Move from the battle fields of Saladin and the Crusaders to the beauty of the Red Sea where beneath its surface lies another living kaleidoscope. Travel from the vastness and splendor of the Wadi Rum Desert, where Lawrence of Arabia and his Bedouin bands won glory against Ottoman Turks to Petra—the Nabataen rock cut archaeological wonder of the desert. Follow the ancient trader’s route and explore magnificent landscapes—unmatched treasure troves of riches and the remains of some of antiquity’s greatest monuments. Join us for a wonderful new crusade—a medley of past and present that seeks to experience the beauty and inspire an understanding of the history and culture of Jordan—jewels of the Middle East—that have an exceptional place in our history.

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Meet with archaeologists and view the Petra Scrolls at a special reception.
Explore Petra, Little Petra, and Beida with an archaeology expert.
Experience Petra at night with candlelight, music, and Nabataean and Bedouin Storytelling.
Gaze at the desert night sky, take a safari and dine in a Bedouin tent at Wadi Rum.
Marvel at the Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics at Madaba.
Visit the archaeological site at Gawr As Safi with its newly discovered sugar mill.
Meet members of a farming community and cook a meal with them.
Dip in the Dead Sea and visit the Dead Sea Museum at the lowest point on earth.


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