Bible History on the Nile

Cairo — Luxor — Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

| Led by Dr. Chahinda Karim of the American University in Cairo.


Capture the essence of Ancient, Biblical, and Modern Egypt. Explore the timeless monuments of Egypt’s ancient civilization. Enter into rarely visited sacred tombs and temples. Gain insights with exclusive access to experts on site. Attend a Bible History of Egypt seminar in Luxor. Witness daily life along the banks of the Nile reminiscent of the Bible.

A profound, luxury, travel learning experience
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UNIQUE ACCESS TO EXPERTS ON SITE and during a full day seminar
The distinguished Educator, Dr. Chahinda Karim leads our team

As experienced travelers know, expert travel enrichment is the key to meaningful travel.
Not only does Dr. Karim have impeccable credentials, but her skills as a speaker make her
The ideal leader for first time and veteran travelers alike. You will have unique access to her on site
To gain insight into all you experience.

On history’s most legendary river, plying the waters of the Nile

as the ancient Pharaohs and perhaps the Biblical Heroes by royal barge, observing not only the timeless pattern of agricultural and village life along the Nile’s banks reminiscent of Biblical times, but also many of the enduring monuments of mankind’s most magnificent civilization.


Of Ancient Thebes during an exclusive 5-day land/cruise (?) program in Luxor.

Your well-paced visits offer two leisurely and extensive excursions to the West Bank-Valley of the Kings, Queens, Nobles, Workers and more with ample time to examine their unparalleled archaeological sites.

In the immense variety of life in Egypt today.

Beyond the fascinating sites of ancient Egypt are villages, bazaars, mosques and churches – indeed Cairo itself – all of which offer extraordinary perspectives into the complex culture that is modern Egypt. It is one thing to see Egypt, another to know her as she was and is.

Designed exclusively for travelers who seek well-paced enriching educational experiences.
There is simply no better way to experience Egypt.

We urge you to book early – our space is limited and value priced for this departure only.


Dr. Chahinda Karim of the American University in Cairo has led tours for BAS travelers for 13 years to rave reviews. A traveler recently said, “Meaningful for me is Chahinda’s ability to speak intelligently on a variety of religious matters, ranging from the religion of the ancient Egyptians to Islam to Coptic Christianity. Her insight on the contributions of Egypt to the development of monotheism, a topic that is too often ignored, was eye-opening for me.

Come enjoy the haunting splendor of the world’s most vivid ancient civilization
with BAS Travel/Study’s BIBLE HISTORY ON THE NILE — A 13-Day Tour!


February 5, Tuesday: Arrive Cairo
Your flight approaches Cairo from the shimmering Mediterranean; flying over mosques, citadels and minarets that hug the Nile River. Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport according to your individual arrival and transferred to the deluxe Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel located on the Nile.


February 6, Wednesday: Cairo
The ancient monuments that stand at the outskirts of Cairo represent the most eloquent introduction to the World’s oldest civilization. We begin chronologically with an exploration of the ruins of the original capital of ancient Egypt at ancient Memphis and Saqqara. On the Giza Plateau, you have an optional camel ride before our visit to the Great Pyramids. Icons of antiquity, they embody the mystery and majesty of Egypt. We also visit the Sphinx and the magnificent Solar Boat. (B)

February 7, Thursday
We depart this morning for the Egyptian Museum which contains the world’s greatest collection of Egyptian art and artifacts. The richness of the collection is astonishing. Afternoon transfer to the airport for a short flight to Luxor where, upon arrival, transfer to the Sonesta St. George Hotel, located on the Nile River. The balance of the day is free.


We arrive in ancient Thebes—the seat of the Middle and New Kingdom dynasties and the virtual center of the ancient world. The mysterious limestone mountains that rise up beyond the twisting, arid valley are honeycombed with treasures and curiosities; a place of secrets and legends. (B)

February 8, Friday: Luxor Seminar with Dr. Chahinda Karim
Attend a full-day seminar. Ancient Biblical History come alive as Dr. Karim brings context and perspective to all your enriching experiences in Egypt. At sunset, Dr. Karim will lead a magical tour of the Luxor Temple, illuminated at night. (B)

February 9, Saturday: Luxor West Bank
Early morning, we will travel to the West Bank of the Nile River. There are two Valleys of the Kings; the first highlight of the day’s itinerary is a visit to the remote, rarely visited West Valley—a huge wadi, desert canyon. Known for its pristine silence, it boasts untouched, stunningly beautiful desert scenery. Here we enter the tomb of Ay. The East Valley of the Kings contains 64 tombs belonging to the pharaohs of the 18th–20th Dynasties. The tombs were hewn out of bedrock and decorated throughout with scenes of the journey of the sun-god through the underworld. We'll enter several of them and the Seti Temple. After a brief lunch stop, visit the newly restored Carter House and the stunning new replica of King Tut’s Tomb which was discovered by Carter in the early 1900s. (B)

February 10, Sunday: Luxor West Bank
Returning to the West Bank today, visit the Valley of the Nobles containing scenes of everyday life in the New Kingdom; visit the tombs of Ramose and the newly opened Menna, Roy and Shuroy. At Dier el Medina, the Workers Village (occupied by generations of laborers who toiled in the Valley of the Kings constructing tombs for the Pharaohs) enter Senejem and Nakht Amun and learn about daily life in ancient Egypt. On a walk through its old city and temple, understand how the workers lived, prayed, and were buried. Explore the unique mortuary temples of Medinet Habu and Merneptah. Stop briefly at the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Ramesseum. (B)


February 11, Monday: Luxor/Abydos/Dendera/Embarkation Sonesta St. George Nile Cruiser
Traveling north of Luxor for the day, our first stop is the Temples of Seti I at Abydos. During his reign, Seti I encouraged an artistic and architectural revival, which Abydos reflects especially today after an excellent restoration. Considered one of Egypt’s most sacred cities, the temple is the cult center of its most beloved heroes—Osiris, Isis, and Horus—and one of the most beautiful in all of Egypt. Dedicated to Hathor, Dendera is a fine example of Ptolemaic architecture. Its’ distinctive features include a hypostyle hall with 18 Hathor-columns supporting a roof decorated with remarkable astrological scenes.

Returning to Luxor, we embark on the deluxe Sonesta St. George Nile Cruiser. The balance of the day is free. (B,D)


February 12, Tuesday: Luxor/Sailing the Nile
This morning, explore Karnak Temple, the greatest shrine of antiquity, and a supreme manifestation of ancient Egypt’s power and wealth, and the Luxor Museum—a fine collection discovered by chance in a cache in the colonnaded open court of the Luxor Temple.

Returning to the Sonesta St. George, we depart Luxor to begin our Nile Cruise. Sailing back through time, the pace of our tour changes as we begin our river journey. We relax on deck, observing the passing scenery of the Nile’s timeless shore life. Along its banks, the rural scenes differ little from ancient times; the farmer tends his land with a wooden plough and uses his faithful donkey for transport. Although modern pumping devices are now used, so too is the ancient waterwheel driven by buffaloes. (B,L,D)


February 13, Wednesday: Sailing the Nile/Edfu/Kom Ombo
Visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Begun in 237 B.C., it is the best preserved ancient structure in Egypt. Dedicated to the hawk-headed god Horus, it is adorned with reliefs that rank among some of the finest in Egypt. Spend the afternoon sailing for Kom Ombo; arriving at dusk, we visit the temple. Unique among Egyptian temples, it equally honors two gods: Horus, the hawk god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. (B,L,D)

February 14, Thursday: Sailing/Aswan
Early morning, we embark on the last stage of our Nile cruise as we sail for Aswan. To many visitors, Aswan is the loveliest of all cities along the Nile. Famous as a spa at the turn of the century, vintage buildings adorn its corniche, and granite islands mark the Nileʼs First Cataract. On arrival, visit the Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis and famed for its beauty and sanctity in Greco-Roman times. Temples, kiosks, a colonnade, and sanctuaries rise proudly against the skyline. We will also visit the High Dam and Granite Quarries and sail by Felucca to Elephantine Island. (B,L,D)

February 15, Friday: Disembarkation/Aswan/Cairo
Sadly, we disembark the Sonesta St. George reminiscent of the adage: “The Nile surpasses all rivers of the earth in sweetness of taste, length of course and utility,” according to Ibn Battua, a Medieval historian. Once you have sampled the Nile River, you will want to return. Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Cairo. On arrival, transfer to the Sonesta Cairo in Heliopolis. (B,D)

Alternatively, take an optional air excursion to Abu Simbel, where the famed rock-cut temples surpass in size all other temples in Egypt. The Temple of Ramesses II, the most impressive monument in Nubia, and the Temple of Queen Nefertari, his most beloved wife, were saved from destruction by UNESCO. Fly from Abu Simbel to Cairo and transfer to the Sonesta Cairo.


Cairo Coptic/Old Cairo: Explore Coptic Cairo this afternoon, visiting the Coptic Abu Serga Church (built over a crypt that sheltered for the Holy Family), the Coptic Museum, and the Ben Ezra Synagogue. From here, travel to the suburb of Maadi and then to the Church of the Blessed Virgin. From this location Jesus, Mary and Joseph boarded a boat that carried them to Upper Egypt. As an appropriate end to our journey, have an Egyptian hosted dinner in a private home with local Egyptians. (B,D)

February 16, Saturday
Historic Cairo: A walk through the Islamic City. Take a walking tour through the Islamic section of Cairo. Immersed in authentic Egyptian culture and society, experience the sights, sounds, and smells of this Islamic city; visit mosques, a restored Islamic home, and other notable Islamic monuments. Off the beaten path (in some cases with entrance by special permission), see outstanding examples of Islamic art and architecture and the Khan al-Khalili Bazaar. Withstanding Egypt’s glories and declines since 1382, it grew from a caravanserai to headquarters for merchants from all over the world—an open-air museum that stands as a metaphor for Islamic life. (B)


February 17, Sunday
Transfer to the airport for your flight back to the United States. As we leave Egypt we are captivated by a quote from Florence Nightingale, “...One wonders that people come back from Egypt and live lives as they did before.” (B)

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