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Missionary Journeys of Paul

Paul’s journey to Rome that concludes the book of Acts is one of the most exciting stories in ancient literature. It recounts the fateful shipwreck that occurred west of Crete, and ends in Rome, the seat of the Christian world for over 1500 years. Before he and his followers came to Rome, however, t… read more 

The Cradle of Christianity

Explore the origins of the church in Greece and Turkey. All three of Paul's missionary journeys were centered in ancient Turkey and two of them ended in Greece. Moreover, the apostle John's ministry was located in Ephesus where he wrote his gospel, three letters and the book of Revelation. Travel… read more 

Exclusive Israel 2018

The Biblical Archaeology Society is proud to offer you a very special opportunity to encounter Israel in a way that most people will never experience. If you would like to combine adventure, discovery and exploration of some of history’s most significant sites with the scholars that know them best, t… read more