Tour lands replete with Biblical history in well-appointed style. Expert archaeologists and Biblical scholars—world leaders in their fields—serve as your personal tourguides to unlock the wonders of the past.

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With Paul on the Egnatian Way: Thrace to Illyricum

– 16, 2015

A note from the tour host, Dr. Mark Wilson, director of the Asia Minor Research Center: “Several years ago while flying from Rome to Istanbul, I sat with a map of the Via Egnatia on my lap. I watched with fascination as the landscape of this ancient road unfolded some 30,000 feet below me. I d… read more 

Early Churches with Paul & John

– 28, 2015

Visit amazing sites where Paul traveled on all three of his missionary journeys. Learn in-depth information about Paul’s letters to the churches established on these journeys (Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon). Also, explore the seven churches to whom the apostle John wrote, while exiled o… read more 

Jordan and Israel Tour

– November 8, 2015

Take a trip to where it all began and see thousands of years of history unfold before your own eyes. Sail across the Sea of Galilee, pay your respects at the Western Wall and walk the streets that Jesus himself walked upon and more! read more 

Seven Churches of Revelation, Nicea & Istanbul

– 19, 2016

More information coming soon. read more 

Early Churches with Paul & John

– 26, 2016

More information coming soon. read more