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Paul's Walk From Troas To Assos

Over the course of Paul’s three missionary journeys, he walked approximately 10,000 miles across the eastern Roman Empire sharing the good news of Jesus Christ as he went. His very last walk of these missionary journeys took place on the Troad peninsula in the mid-60s while he was traveling back to J… read more 

Seven Churches Of Revelation, Nicaea & Istanbul

Western Turkey was the cradle of the early Christian church. With numerous rivers and streams to nourish the fertile land, a large number of populous cities sprouted up in Asia Minor. This area was the centerpiece of Paul’s mission and the area where he spent the bulk of his time. The apostle’s min… read more 

By Sea & Land: Paul's Journey To Rome

Paul’s journey to Rome that concludes the book of Acts is one of the most exciting stories in ancient literature. It recounts the fateful shipwreck that occurred west of Crete. Our tour will pick up the story on the island of Malta, where Paul and the other 275 survivors came ashore. From Malta we w… read more 

Greece & Turkey

Explore the origins of the church in Greece and Turkey. All three of Paul’s missionary journeys were in ancient Turkey and two of them ended in Greece. Moreover, the apostle John’s ministry was centered in Ephesus where he wrote his gospel, three letters and the book of Revelation. Travel by deluxe mot… read more 

Sailing the Aegean with Paul & John

Sailing the Aegean with Paul and John-The sea adventure aboard a wooden-hulled boat called a gulet has become a favorite of BAS travelers. I look forward to exploring with you many archaeological sites connected to Paul and John in the Aegean region. We start with a visit to Ephesus, Paul’s base f… read more